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Model: DHP-1008-0000
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
Prijs: € 37,45
Excl. BTW: € 30,95
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RNP-01, RNP-02 radio flush transmitters allow to realize the device control function within EXTA FREE by means of flush mounted devices
- under the existing accessories (NO switches, “light” and “doorbell” push buttons). The solution is an advantage in the form of easy installation of EXTA FREE system without the necessity of interference in the existing electrical system. Another benefit is a possibility of application
electrical accessories of different manufacturers, so there are no limitations of design and inside atmosphere.
Functional set features:
• radio transmitter mounted in Ø 60 mm junction box,
• remote control of EXTA FREE system receivers,
• possibility of connection to a traditional household switch,
• low power consumption, adapted to constant operation,
• possibility of independent control of four receivers,
• wide range of operation (up to 200 m),
• possibility of simultaneous switching on/switching off any number of EXTA FREE system receivers,
• possibility of increasing operation range by means of RTN-01 retransmitter.

The given range concerns open area - an ideal condition without any natural or artificial obstacles. If there are some obstacles between a transmitter and a receiver, it is advisable to decrease the range according to: wood and plaster - from 5 to 20, bricks - from 10 to 40 %, reinforced concrete - from 40 to 80%, metal - from 90 to 100% , glass - from 10 to 20%. Over- and underground medium and high electrical power lines, radio and television transmitters, GSM transmitters set close to a device system have also a negative influence on the range.

Input rated voltage of transmitter: 230  V AC
Frequency: 868  MHz
Encoding: addressing transmission
Transmitter channels: 4
Operation range of transmitter: 200m
Transmitter protection level: IP20
Algemene eigenschappen
Afmetingen In cm L 16 x B 10 x H 3,2
Fitting Niet van toepassing
Garantieperiode 2 jaar
Gebruik Binnen
Inbouw afmetingen In cm l 16 x b 10 x h 3,2
IP Klasse IP 20
Kleur Produkt Crèmekleurig
Materiaal produkt PVC
Elektrische eigenschappen
Driver Inbegrepen Ja
Input Spanning (Vin) 230 Volt
Type Driver CR2032 batterij
Richtlijnen Algemene eigenschappen:Richtlijnen:Extra technische info:
Frequency: 868  MHz
Encoding: addressing transmission
Transmitter channels: 4
Operation range of transmitter: 300m

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